What is – Exceptions

Arrange arbitrary is the process by which, after the payment of a fine shall be suspended for thirty (30) years for inside and outside urban plan property, fines for arbitrary structures and urban and building any infringement has taken place until 28.07. 2011, provided that their use is not prohibited by the planning provisions for land uses that are in the property or not prohibited at the time of issuance of the building permit or at the time of construction or installation of unauthorized use. included in this process and also Properties whose main body is completed by this date.

Not subject to arbitrary settlement construction that has been installed in a building located:

a) An approved shared space of the city

b) In the area of international security, national, provincial or municipal roads under the law on measures for the safety of intercity transportation in force in the performance or installation

c) In the public domain

d) Forest, a forest or reforested area, the foreshore or beach area

e) An archaeological site, historic place, historic landmark settlement area of outstanding natural beauty, where construction was prohibited at the time of execution of arbitrary construction or installation of unauthorized use

f) In a traditional village and residential complex that has been classified as a historical monument

g) Stream, critical coastal zone within the meaning


a) Request *

b) Affidavit N.1599/86 * (in duplicate)

c) A copy of E9

d) Technical Report engineer

e) Photos of all aspects

f) Building permit

g) Topographic diagram containing the extract urban plan for areas within the project and for the unzoned areas and settlements without a plan submitted topographic chart dependent on the state coordinate system (EGSA-87) (click here to fill out the Application Offer for Surveying)

h) Architecture plan

i) Projects section at scale 1:100

j) Chart coverage

k) Record sheet arbitrary construction

l) Checklist structural vulnerability of the supporting structure accompanied by a detailed technical report and photos competent engineer (if arbitrary construction or change of use has been performed or installed in residential buildings or tourist accommodation would otherwise require the preparation of structural design)

m) Form a special calculation of the fine structure declared

v) In case of buildings not required residential use and technically competent engineering report for the electromechanical control panel for grounding and other electrical facilities where available.

* (Original signature required certification)

Procedure – Useful

The procedure for arranging comprises the following two phases.

Phase A

The alleged owner or co-owner of the property which has been run arbitrary construction or installed using arbitrary selects engineer who after the autopsy room in the building complete and submit electronically (via the Internet) from 01.10.2011 to 31.01.2013 under the No. A and M documents (see documents) and fee / evidence collection for the Greek government 500 for unauthorized construction / use up to 50 sqm main building or single house up to 100 sqm, € 1000 for building / using more than 50 sqm and up to 100 sqm main building or single house of over 100 sqm to 200 sqm, 2,000 euros for building / using more than 100 sqm to 1,000 sqm, 4,000 euros for building / using more than 1000 sqm and 2000 sqm up to 6,000 € for building / using more than 2000 square meters for each individual property, which in any case is not refundable, but offset with the special fine.

Phase B

30.06.2013 submitted by other documents required (see documentation).


The fine shall be paid within thirty six (36) months for properties used as a house and forty-eight (48) months for other use property in equal monthly installments of which the first installment is paid not later than one month from the date of application. In case of lump sum within the period for payment of the first installment discount is 20% while in case of payment of 30% of the total fine until 31/01/2013 (in old and new statements) a discount of 10% on the total amount of the fine.
In the event of late payment of installments should increase above 1% for each month of delay. (Suspended until 01/31/2013)
If no price band has been fixed according to the system of objective values of the Treasury in the property, to calculate the value of buildings taking into account the minimum price band applicable to the municipality of arbitrary if not specified in this The minimum price band applicable to the Municipality and if not specified therein, the minimum price band applies to regional unity, where the property is located.
If the fine after the payment of the fee is less than four hundred (400) million, paid off without deduction of up to one month after the submission of the application.
Failing payment of the first installment or non-payment of three consecutive installments, the debtor loses its right to regulate entry.
You may connect these buildings with utility networks after paying at least the first dose of single specific fine.
The adoption or revision of a building permit by the relevant provisions stated in building or portion thereof, may be made after the completion of the single payment without special fine imposed another fine.
May conduct any transaction and issuing administrative act, without requiring the full payment of the fine, but a 30% of it until 01/31/2013 (old and new reports).
Where structures which have been included in the settings and is still pending before the procedure can be allowed to perform repair work to encourage healthy, aesthetic improvement-restoration and normal maintenance, after approval is given by the appropriate planning agency, if the work for which enforcement is sought does not enhance the building volume. The authorization shall forthwith work in Social Security-Unified Insurance Fund for Employees (I.K.A.-E.T.A.M.). For the authorization tasks are submitted to the relevant planning documentation services specified by the Minister Environment, Energy and Climate Change.